Managing and sharing elevation data in ArcGIS 10

Get out your reading glasses and find a comfortable chair. A new 3-part topic has been added to the WebHelp to guide users in managing and sharing their collections of elevation data with ArcGIS 10.  The first part is a discussion about elevation data. The second part discusses the data management plan and issues to consider. The third part walks you through the steps to manage and publish the elevation data.

This 3-part topic focuses on managing your data using a mosaic dataset and is complementary to Imagery: Data management patterns and recommendations.


Written by: Melanie Harlow 

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  1. ssg_perenco_gdm says:

    Melanie – this document is worthwhile but a not an easy read. Would really love a tutorial and downloadable tutorial dataset to accompany this article.

  2. ssg_perenco_gdm says:

    Actually found the relevant tutorial, but needs Editor licence in order to implement the full DM process