Drag and Drop Files on Your Web Map


With the
latest release of ArcGIS Online, you can now add shapefiles, text files (TXT
and CSV), and GPX files directly to your web map. You can drag data from
your computer onto your map or, with just the click of a button, add it to your
map in the ArcGIS.com
map viewer
 or ArcGIS
Explorer Online
. Once you’ve added your data, you can configure pop-up
windows and change the symbols.

When you
add your data to a web map, the ArcGIS.com map viewer and ArcGIS Explorer
Online automatically add the location information from your file, draw features
for each item, and store the information in the map.

addition to the above-mentioned formats, you can also add Open Geospatial
Consortium, Inc. (OGC), Web Map Service (WMS) layers to the ArcGIS.com map
viewer and ArcGIS Explorer Online. Simply click the Add button and
enter the URL to the service. The ArcGIS.com map viewer also supports the
addition of KML layers.

You can
share your data or saved maps in ArcGIS Online so others can find them and use
them to create their own maps and mashups.

 about adding features to your map, or watch a
short video.

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  1. M.Hussein says:

    cool feature,

    What is the maximum number of records I can add?

    I suggest posting a sample template of the CSV/Text file, I mean ArcGIS online must be searching for particular fields names.