Introducing the Emergency Management Maps Templates

Recently, an updated version of the Emergency Management Maps template and a brand new template, the Production Mapping for Emergency Management Maps template, were released on the Public Safety Resource Center. These templates provide useful maps and production configurations that will help you streamline your emergency management map production.

First, let’s first take a look at what’s included in the Emergency Management Maps template.

  • Fonts and Style files that can be used to standardize your emergency management symbology.

  • Python script used to assemble a single Incident Action Plan Map Book PDF document from multiple PDF documents.

All of the map templates include a multi-scale Public Safety Basemap, utilizing data from Naperville, IL, with scale ranges useful from 1:144,000K to 1:1000. In addition all the relevant emergency management operational layers are included in each map document.

Extending the Emergency Management Maps template, the Production Mapping for Emergency Management Maps template provides several Esri Production Mapping cartographic capabilities for streamlining and standardizing your map production including:  

  • Several Views saved in the geodatabase that allow you to quickly apply layer and dataframe settings which can be useful when time is of the essence when responding to an incident.

  • Layout Rules that manage the placement of map elements in the layout and help your organization standardize the look and feel of all your map products.

  • Element Library to
    centrally manage and easily access all of the emergency management map elements
    contained in each of the included map products.

For more information about how to use the Production Mapping
for Emergency Management Maps template, check out the video here.

We’re excited to bring these two templates to you and are interested
in hearing your feedback on how we can make them even better. Feel free to
leave a comment below or e-mail us at

Contributed by Heather
Eisan of the Esri Production Mapping team

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  1. eschmeckpeper says:

    Users of these templates need to be careful about trying to use them on incidents. These templates do not follow the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Publication PMS-936/NFES-2809 “GIS Standard Operating Procedures on Incidents” in terms of cartographic standards, units, naming, scale and symbology. These templates should not reference the NWCG or this publication as it does not appear to have been followed in the creation of the sample maps.

  2. starkdna says:

    Could eschmeckpeper contact me with more details please? This will be a significant factor in determining whether or not we move forward with using these templates.