Whitepaper helps you load data into parcel fabric and use ArcGIS parcel maintenance solution

With the release of ArcGIS 10, Esri is now providing users a Land Records solution as a core part of the ArcGIS platform. This solution will help you produce great web maps, deploy useful applications, implement efficient workflows, and incorporate best practices from the land records industry at large.  This solution is described in more detail in an earlier Local Government blog post. To help users migrate to the Land Records Solution, we’ve published a whitepaper to address one of the first issues users will have to address as they plan their migration to Esri’s ArcGIS Parcel Maintenance solution. That issue is, how do you get your data into a parcel fabric data structure.

The whitepaper addresses many of the common issues users may encounter loading their data in to a parcel fabric and is based on experiences Esri’s Land Records team has quantified working with early adopters across the country. In addition, We’ll continue to evolve the whitepaper as we get feedback from users and the Parcel Maintenance Solution evolves.

You can download the whitepaper entitled Loading Data into a Parcel Fabric here.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions when you begin to migrate your parcel maintenance workflows to ArcGIS 10.

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  1. Lincoln_Co_WI_Tim says:

    Has anybody developed a RFP for conversion of parcels to the Parcel fabric?

  2. KABO MOOKODI says:

    How do I create a parcel Fabric from scratch ?

  3. mkoneya says:

    Does this Whitepaper apply to ArcMap/SDE 10.1?

    • At some level, the whitepaper is version independent and yes it can be used to create a parcel fabric in SDE 10.1. We would recommend you cycle on your loading processes with a file geodatabase because its just easier to make amendments as you go through the process. Then load a final dataset in to SDE and configure the editing maps before you release your production system.