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Been a while since we posted anything on updates to the templates, but that’s because we’ve been busy doing some updates.  A lot of good things are in the works.  We’ve heard from many users that migrated their production environment over to ArcGIS 10 in the last few months and as part of that migration are deploying the templates.  So their organizations are building new workflows and modifying old ones to take advantage of the templates.  We’ve gotten some very useful feedback from these users and the below are some of the results of that feedback.

New fields in the Dynamic Value Table

GENERATE_ID TableYou all have asked and we listened.  We are restructuring the Generate ID table to have two columns, Sequence Name and Sequence Value.  Each row will represent a sequence value. 

RUNORDER – This will allow to you specify the order the rules are processed.  The previous extension processed the rules in the order of the fields.  This caused issue when trying to chain together steps.  The runorder is more of a hierarchy, so numbers can be repeated.

ON_MANUAL – Users have asked for a way to only run certain rules when I click a button.  The on_change button is great, but does not allow for only manual rules.  There will be a button to fire on_manual rules.

Modified Rules – We have updated a few rules, below are the changes.





These rules now have a value method that for lines you can choose to get the centroid, start or end coordinate.

C – Extract the coordinate value from the centroid

S – Extract the coordinate value from the Start

E – Extract the coordinate value from the End

JUNCTION_ROTATION – New option to list the diameter field.                              

New Rules –  To many details to mention, but we will have detail info in the doc.











New Trace

We are working on redoing the trace to allow it to be exposed to web applications better, as part of this, we are adding a secondary isolation trace function.  This will temporary set all valves as inoperable, run the trace from the trace point and return the results.

Operational Viewer

We are anxiously awaiting the release of the Flex 2.3 viewer.  We this release, we will update the Operational dashboard to run on this release.

Citizen Engagement

Ne new version of the applications allow your customer to submit a service request as well as share information with them.  Coming Soon.



Update – You can find all beta releases on the Forum –

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  1. carrierkh says:

    These changes are certainly helping our workflows and forcing us to rethink some of our older models. This template and its tools are helping us automate tasks which were otherwise manual entry by definition to allow us to become more effective and efficient with data entry and integrity. Thank you to Michael Miller and the Water Utilities Team please keep up the good work. Ken Carrier, GIS Specialist, Montgomery County Ohio Water Services.

  2. Tomsriv says:

    I’ve been using the older version for a few months, it is part of my workflow. I would like to update. Please provide a hyperlink to the download. I’ve spent half an hour looking for the download.

  3. says:

    I added the link to the beta release at the end of the blog