New Local Government Resource Center Gallery Released

This week we launched a new Local Government Gallery that makes it easier for you to find maps and apps you can download and configure in your organization.  The new gallery provides local government users a comprehesive list of maps and apps and allows you to filter content in several meaningful ways.  So let’s take a look at the new Local Government Template Gallery and highlight several ways you can find content that matters to your organization.

When you first visit the gallery, you’ll see a series of filters along the left hand side of the gallery that will help you find maps and apps that interest you.  The pre-defined filters allow you to sort content in the gallery by User Community, ArcGIS Platform (Desktop, Server, Mobile), ArcGIS Version (9.3.1, 10), GIS Function, Date, or by Number of Downloads.

Local Government Gallery with Content Filters Highlighted   

As you select one or more filters along the left hand side, content in the gallery will update accordingly.  You can clear your filters and explore the entire gallery again by clicking on the “Clear All” link. We think you’ll find the pre-defined filters to be the quickest way to find content in the gallery but lets look at a few other ways you can interact with the content.

Using the predefined filters to find content in the gallery

The new gallery also allows users to search for a map or app using a keyword.  For example, if you were looking for content that would help you manage public infrastructure, you could enter “infrastructure” in the search box.  You’ll then notice that as you type in the keyword, content we’ve published for water utilities, public works and other agencies that manage water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure is being highlighted.  

Using a keyword to find content in the gallery

More visual users can click on a thumbnail in the gallery and step their way through each thumbnail until they find what they are looking for in the gallery.  As you flip through the thumbnails, you can use your mouse to increase or reduce the size of the individual thumbnail and navigate from one thumbnail to the next. We’ve tried to include thumbnails that encapsulate the items you’ll discover when you download a map or app and will continue to improve these over time.

When you find a map or app in the gallery you’re interested in, you can click on the thumbnail to learn more about the specific item.  You’ll notice the summary for each item includes a detailed description of the map or app and links to download the item. When you discover a web application in the gallery, there will also be a link to a hosted version of the application so you can try it live before downloading it from the Resource Center.

Detailed information about each map and app in the gallery

In the coming weeks and months we’ll be adding a series of maps and apps for the emergency management and fire service communities to the gallery. They will build on the work we did at 9.3 for the emergency management community and leverage the work we’ve done for other local government user communities.

So, we invite you to download the maps and apps from the gallery and deploy them in your organization.  And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the new gallery or one of the items you have downloaded from it.

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