ArcGIS 9.x to ArcGIS 10

Migrating from ArcGIS 9.x to ArcGIS 10 is straightforward.  All your data (maps, layers, rasters, geodatabases, etc.) is directly readable in ArcGIS 10.  However once you start using ArcGIS 10, you will need to save your documents (maps, layers, etc.) out in 9.x formats in order to share them with 9.x users. Use the Save a Copy command in ArcMap to create 9.x version of your map document. For more info on Save a Copy command.

Geodatabases can remain in 9.3.1 format and be used in 9.3.1 and 10. However, if you want to take advantage of the new geodatabase improvements in ArcGIS 10, you need to upgrade the geodatabase to 10, at which time 9.x clients will not be able to read it.  In order to help with sharing data among various versions, the Create Geodatabase tool now allows you to create older versions of the Geodatabase so you can copy features from ArcGIS 10 into an older geodatabase to share with other users.

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  1. swingley says:

    Can you elaborate on the new geodatabase improvements in 10?

  2. ksjosh82 says:

    I really wish you would stop making the new stuff incompatible with the old. Some users don’t migrate to a new version until it is almost time for the next version to come out. This makes sharing an extra hassle with them. I can understand not being able to use all of the new features but a little bit of backwards compatibility should be in order.

  3. kreuzrsk says:

    We always wait for the first service pack before testing and starting deployment. It can take 6 to 8 months to upgrade everyone. What would be nice in ArcMap would be a setting to save all MXDs to a certain version by default. That would go a long way in helping with the incompatibility issues within an agency.

  4. johns says:

    Microsoft, not a company known for its user friendliness, provides two helpful options for dealing with mixed product/file versions. There is the ability in later versions to set the default file format to an earlier version; and there is a free converter so earlier versions can read and to a limited extent use later versions of the file. That would be nice to have in ArcGIS.

  5. RupertEssinger says:

    So where is the ‘Save A Copy’ command? Even the help topic about this command doesn’t actually say where it is in the user interface! Clue: Try the File pulldown menu.

  6. MarcBate says:

    I also ran into problems with the Style Gallery where symbols saved to a *.Style file in 10 would appear as empty symbols in 9.3.1, and if you try to edit them, it will crash ArcMap. I noticed this happening for cartographic marker symbols, line symbols, and fill symbols. Saving the symbols in 9.3.1 was the workaround if I wanted to have one *.Style file that could be used by 9.3.x and 10 users.