New! Download stats on shared items!

One of the new features introduced with the recent ArcGIS Online update (which went live last week) is the ability to view the number of downloads for shared items. For example, looking at the USA Population by Zip Code shared layer package below you’ll see that there have been 665 downloads:


The downloads are of interest to those that have shared items, and provide an indication of the item’s popularity to those browsing for data.

This one seems less popular:

The names are hidden to protect the guilty – we’d suggest that if you really want users to to download what you’ve shared that a good thumbnail, title, and summary description are a must!

Shared item types that display downloads are:

  • map packages
  • layer packages
  • desktop application templates
  • map templates
  • web mapping applications with code attachment
  • mobile applications with code attachment
  • windows mobile packages
  • code and geoprocessing samples

You can also learn more about an item’s popularity by looking at the rating, comments, and views.

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  1. Riverside says:

    This is a nice feature. Also, see that % used is shown as well.