Compatibility Matrix for Clients and Servers of ArcSDE technology

If you have ArcSDE geodatabases working with different instances of ArcGIS software at different releases, we have just revisited and updated the ArcSDE technology client/server compatibility matrices:

ArcGIS 10: Product Compatibility Matrix for Clients and Servers of ArcSDE technology

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  1. weiland00 says:

    These links don’t work.

  2. rpe2 says:

    I’ve got the same problem and I’m trying to track down a solution… For me, the links work as long as I’m not signed-in. So for now try signing out of the blog then re-open the browser to the post and see if the links work. I know this is a pain and I’m working on a better solution.

  3. rpe2 says:

    Links should now open in a new window. Thanks for reporting the issue.

  4. jckramer says:

    Looks like the links are broken again.

  5. craiglees says:

    Thanks for the new 10 matrix; it’s quite helpful. Can you point me to more info about “new…support for larger scale geometric networks”? I’ve searched the “what’s new at 10″ documents and haven’t found details.

  6. jwfsmith says:

    Getting an error:
    System Error
    A system error has occurred – our apologies!

    Please contact your Confluence administrator to create a support issue on our support system at with the following information:

    1. a description of your problem and what you were doing at the time it occurred
    2. cut & paste the error and system information found below
    3. attach the application server log file (if possible).

    We will respond as promptly as possible.
    Thank you!

    – I’m getting this error *all over* ESRI sites. Sure do need that compatibility matrix!

  7. bharmon77 says:

    Has this been updated for SDE 10.1 yet?

  8. shamonlarson says:

    The site is no longer available. So where might the product compatibility matrix be located?