New Geoprocessing Tools Introduced in 9.4

Since 9.3.1, there have been over 150 new Geoprocessing tools added to 9.4.  Here is the complete list of new tools for 9.4 grouped by Toolbox and Toolset. 

New tools that are new for 9.4 beta2 are marked with an asterisk and summarized here.


3D Analyst Toolbox

3D Features

               Add Z Information

               Construct Sight Lines

               Feature to 3D By Attribute *

               Inside 3D

               Intersect 3D

               Intersect 3D Line With Multipatch

               Is Closed 3D       

               Near 3D


               Skyline Barrier

               Skyline Graph

               Union 3D


      From File

                LandXML to TIN

      From Raster

                Raster to Multipoint

      From Terrain

                Terrain to Points

Functional Surface

               Add Surface Information

TIN Management

               Copy TIN

Terrain Management

               Append Terrain Points

               Change Terrain Resolution Bounds

               Delete Terrain Points

               Replace Terrain Points

Terrain and TIN Surface

               Locate Outliers

               Polygon Volume

               Surface Aspect

               Surface Contour

               Surface Difference

               Surface Slope


Cartography Toolbox


               Contour Annotation *

               Map Server Cache Annotation Tile Features

               Tiled Labels to Annotation

Data Driven Pages

               Calculate Adjacent Fields

               Calculate Central Meridian and Parallels

               Calculate Grid Convergence Angle

               Calculate UTM Zone

               Grid Index Features

               Strip Map Index Features


               Aggregate Points

               Aggregate Polygons

               Collapse Dual Lines To Centerline

               Merge Divided Roads

               Simplify Building

               Simplify Line      

               Simplify Polygon

               Smooth Line

               Smooth Polygon

               Thin Road Network

Graphic Conflicts

               Propagate Displacement

               Resolve Building Conflicts

               Resolve Road Conflicts

Grids and Graticules

               Delete Grids and Graticules

               Make Grids and Graticules Layer


Conversion Toolbox 

From KML

               KML To Layer *

From Raster

               Raster To Video


               Export Metadata

               Export Metadata Multiple

               Import Metadata

               Synchronize Metadata

               Upgrade Metadata

               Validate Metadata

               Validate Metadata Multiple

               XML Schema Validation

To Collada

               Multipatch To Collada *

To Coverage

               Import from E00 *

To Geodatabase

               CAD to Geodatabase *


 Data Management Toolbox

 Data Comparison

               TIN Compare


               Register with Geodatabase

               Upgrade Geodatabase

 Feature Class

               Calculate Default Spatial Grid Index


               Adjust 3D Z

               Bearing Distance To Line *


               Minimum Bounding Geometry

               Points To Line *

               Split Line at Point

               Table To Ellipse *

               Unsplit Line

               XY To Line *


               Calculate End Time *

               Convert Time Field *

               Convert Time Zone *

               Transpose Fields *

 File Geodatabase

               Uncompress File Geodatabase Data


               Delete Identical

               Find Identical



               Aggregate Points

               Collapse Polygon To Centerline

               Eliminate Polygon Part


               Make Graph

               Save Graph


               Consolidate Layer

               Consolidate Map

               Package Layer

               Package Map

 Projections and Transformations

               Convert Coordinate Notation *


       Mosaic Dataset

                               Add Rasters To Mosaic Dataset *

                               Applanix DSS To Table *

                               Build Boundary

                               Build Footprints

                               Build Overviews

                               Build Seamlines

                               Calculate Cell Size Ranges

                               Color Balance Mosaic Dataset *

                               Compute Dirty Area *

                               Create Mosaic Dataset

                               Create Referenced Mosaic Dataset

                               Define Mosaic Dataset NoData *

                               Define Overviews

                               Generate Exclude Area *

                               ISAT To Table *

                               Import Mosaic Dataset Geometry *

                               MatchAT To Table *

                               Remove Rasters From Mosaic Dataset *

                               Synchronize Mosaic Dataset      


       Raster Processing

                               Raster To DTED

                               Split Raster

       Raster Properties

                               Build Pyramids and Statistics


               Change Version


               Create ArcSDE Connection File


Editing Toolbox


               Erase Point

               Extend Line

               Flip Line



               Trim Line


Geocoding Toolbox

Create Composite Address Locator

Reverse Geocode


Geostatistical Analyst Toolbox


               Diffusion Interpolation With Barriers

               Global Polynomial Interpolation


               Kernel Interpolation With Barriers

               Local Polynomial Interpolation

               Radial Basis Functions

Sampling Network Design

               Create Spatially Balanced Points

               Densify Sampling Network


               Extract Values To Table


               Cross Validation

               Subset Features

Working with Geostatistical Layers

               Create Geostatistical Layer


Network Analyst Toolbox


               Make Location-Allocation Layer

Network Dataset

               Dissolve Network

               Upgrade Network


Server Toolbox (7)


               Convert Map Server Cache Storage Format

               Export Map Server Cache

               Import Map Server Cache

Data Extraction

               Extract Data

               Extract Data Task

               Extract Data and Email Task

               Send Email With Zip File Attachment


Spatial Analyst Toolbox


               Extract Multi Values to Points


               Iso Cluster Unsupervised Classification


               Fuzzy Membership

               Fuzzy Overlay


               Zonal Histogram


Spatial Statistics Toolbox

Measuring Geographic Distributions

               Median Center


               ZScore Rendering

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