'Programming with the Geodatabase API' demo theatre posted

We’ve taken the slides, code, and data from the UC demo theatre “Programming with the Geodatabase API” and posted them up on the Engine Code Gallery.

This includes:
·         The slides that were presented
·         Code showing how to query, edit and create data in the geodatabase
·         Code showing how to create custom components that work with the geodatabase API

You can check it out HERE

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  1. jmo says:

    It is great that you guys are posting the material for the Demo Theaters.

    Any chance of getting the slides and code for the “Hibernate Spatial with ST_GEOMETRY” session?

    We are interested in taking a look at this option for a project


  2. JonMurphy says:

    Due to some grey areas in the Hibernate story I actually won’t be adding a post about it on the blog like I thought I was going to.

    If you’d like more information on the subject please leave your email, I’ll get you in touch with the appropriate product engineers who can help with any questions you may have.

    Sorry about that – Jonathan

  3. jmo says:

    Hmm, a blog post would have been great, but I think I understand. At this point I am curious to see this working although it does not seem like the most popular architecture out there.
    My email is juan.marin.otero at gmail.com, if I can get some additional info that would be great