Video explains "Parcel Notification List" JavaScript example

Currently the most popular download on the
ArcGIS JavaScript API Code Gallery
is the
Parcel Notification List
application written and submitted by Jeff
Archer from ESRI. In
this video
Jeff takes a few minutes to show how the sample works and
gives a quick run-through of the code and components under the hood.

While local governments may be able use the application “as-is”, there is enough
starter material for any Web application that needs to select features based on
a distance from other features and return tabular attributes of the results.

Download it, use it, modify it… it’s up to you. And please leave comments on
the download page if you have any questions or suggestions you think might help.

Contributed by Jim Barry of the EDN team.

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  1. tmellnik says:

    The parcel example uses v1 of the javascript api.

    The dojox grid code in the sample does not work in v1.1

    It would be extremely useful if someone could post a code snippet for the dojox grid that does work in v1.1

    Ted Mellnik

  2. esrijay says:

    Very nice, I’m trying to set everything up with my own data and services. I’m almost there but I’m also having trouble with recreated the GP Model. Could you post it or a screen shot of it.

  3. esrijay says:

    Very cool, I’ve been playing with this demo/app all day. As I stated/posted earlier, I have everything working with my services other than the GP (mailing list). I will try to dial it in next year.

    One suggestion, it would be cool to have a text input for the “Pan to parcel Id” (instead of a drop down list). Most cities and counties are huge so a drop down list might be a little too cumbersome. A query input box might be better suited. The drop down works great for the neighborhoods because there aren’t as many.

    Thanks again,