Geodatabase Replication – Additional info & Patch

This post was written by Heather McCracken and Gary MacDougall, both product engineers on the geodatabase team specializing in geodatabase replication

We just wanted to give you a heads up that there are a number of resources available which provide additional information on geodatabase replication. These include white papers, podcasts and technical articles. We’ve been keeping a knowledge base article that lists these helpful resources. This is a living document, so we’ll be continually updating it as new resources become available. You can find the article here

Also, there is a new patch for replication available for 9.2’s service pack 6. The patch addresses issues when synchronizing data where there are relationships that use the objectID column as the primary key. You can download the patch at the following location:

ArcGIS (Desktop, Engine, Server) 9.2 Synchronizing with Objectid Based Relationship Classes Patch


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  1. ccabanero says:

    Are there any plans for the gdb team to consider having the ‘Compare Replica Schema’ tool recognize when feature classes are added to a replica?

  2. garym says:

    To make sure I understand the enhancement request, are you asking for the tool to know if there have been additional classes added to the replica since the time it was created. For example, say you create a replica with US states and then at a later time add US counties – are you asking for the tool to tell you that US counties was not part of the original replica definition?

    Also – just to make sure we are on the same page, I assume you are adding feature classes to the replica using the procedure described in the article below: