Road Ahead – Extending One-Way Replication

We’ve extended the one-way replication model at 9.3 to include file and personal geodatabases. So now when you are creating a one-way replica, the destination doesn’t have to be an ArcSDE geodatabase, it can also be a file or personal geodatabase.

This opens up a host of new replication scenarios since the child replica doesn’t need to be versioned or have SDE technology. This will also leverage one-way implementations such as production-publication scenarios or mobile users working in the field.

Here are a few more sources of information on replication topics:

  • Also, a new video in the 9.3 help system offers an example of how to create and synchronize replicas in a connected environment.


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  1. Riverside says:

    This will be very useful for distributing data here at the County, for those w/o sde. Fantastic.