Video: Creating a web application with ArcGIS Server Manager

This video demonstrates how to use ArcGIS Server Manager to create a web application. You’ll find it useful if you’re getting started with ArcGIS Server, or if you just want to see what ArcGIS Server can do.

If you want to follow the steps in this video, you’ll need to install ArcGIS Server, create at least one map service, and log into Manager.

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  1. sterlingdq says:

    @Jenny- If you are investigating ArcGIS Server for your organization, see the product page at

    If you have ArcGIS Server already and want basic information on how to get started, a good entry point is the Resource Center at This site gives deeper technical information and is a gateway into the online help.

  2. Kerry1986 says:

    it’s so easy!

  3. mmarcos says:

    i hope this video help me cuz i’m new