What's in 9.2 Service Pack 4

ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 4 is now
available for download
on the ESRI Support site. In this post, Derek
Weatherbe describes some of the fixes
to Manager and the .NET Web ADF included in this service pack.

NIM011924 Manager is unable to publish applications when disconnected from the

ArcGIS Server Manager is now able to publish Web Mapping Applications when
disconnected from the network.

NIM010261 Unable to connect to an OGC WMS service with the .NET Web ADF when
disconnected from the internet

This change allows OGC WMS services to be consumed in a Web Mapping Application
when the client and server are on a machine that is disconnected from the

NIM007055 Enhance the Overview Map control to have a StaticMode property so that
the Overview Map image is not requesting a new image on each extent or scale

The Overview Map has been enhanced to include a StaticMode where the image it
displays is re-used rather than re-generated on each extent and scale change
that occurs in the Map. Taking advantage of this StaticMode property is a way
to improve performance in the Web Mapping Application.

The default behavior for the Overview Map at SP4 will continue to match the
behavior prior to SP4. If you would like to take advantage of this
optimization, open the web application in Visual Studio, navigate to the
Overview Map’s property window and change the StaticMode setting from False to
True. Due to the changes required to implement this new feature, when
StaticMode = True, the Area-Of-Interest (AOI) box displayed in the Overview Map
cannot be resized or dragged. The Area-Of-Interest box can be resized and
dragged when set to the default value of StaticMode = False.

NIM009808 The FeatureGraphicsLayer.FullExtent property is returning NAN values
instead of valid coordinates

This addresses the programmatic use case where the
FeatureGraphicsLayer.FullExtent property needs to return valid coordinates.

NIM011075 Spatial searches fail to return results for text searches against
ArcIMS ArcMap image services

Programmatic queries for string values now work against ArcIMS ArcMap image

NIM011110 Unable to run applications which have a single Toolbar control buddied
to 2 Map controls

Applications that contain one Toolbar buddied to two Map controls now build and
function correctly.

NIM011420 Applications containing cached services will fail to start when using
StateServer or SQLServer modes to store session state

This fix allows web applications that include cached services to use session
state storage modes of StateServer and SQLServer.

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  1. xnoor says:


    i bypassed this issue by supplying the absolute path of the mxd file, although i was expecting some contents and tutorials to be added to the help but i guess nothing new ??

  2. sterlingdq says:

    xnoor- See http://webhelp.esri.com/arcgisserver/9.2/dotNet/index.htm#manager/concepts/common_problems.htm#disconnected for information about working disconnected from the network. Using local paths, as you did, is one of those requirements.

  3. sterlingdq says:

    Steve- This post mentioned just some of the issues fixed in SP4. You can see the full list of at this link: http://downloads.esri.com/support/downloads/ims_/ArcGIS-92sp4-issues.htm#dotnet-sp4

    And yes, 9.3 fixes many bugs…but that’s for a future post. :)