ArcGIS for State Government – What’s New

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 8.47.12 AM

We’ve released a number of new ArcGIS for State Government Solutions, as well as, updates to existing offerings we previously shipped. Some of the highlights include  updates to following offerings: Economic Development, Transportation and Environment and Natural Resources and Fish … Continue reading

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How to Use ArcGIS Data, Features and Basemaps in Tableau

Medicare local boundaries Australia ArcGIS Tableau

Here at Esri we talk with our customers on a regular basis, and one of the things we’ve learned is how many ArcGIS power users also use Tableau for business intelligence, slicing and dicing data, and visualizing patterns. We think … Continue reading

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Server-side processing in Pro


As datasets get larger it makes more sense to do your image analysis and processing where the data is rather than moving it to your personal computer. Until now, when working with an image service, you’ve had two options. If … Continue reading

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Esri Maps for Salesforce v1.2 Released

Esri is pleased to announce the latest release of Esri Maps for Salesforce. This release includes some important improvements based on feedback we’ve received as well as some bug fixes.

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Be An Excel Ninja with ArcGIS Data Enrichment

Maps for Office - Enrich layer

Speed. Power. Effectiveness. Master the art of using Esri Maps for Office to attain all three by enriching your spreadsheets with data. Last week we shared how you can supercharge your PowerPoint presentations in under 2 minutes using Esri Maps … Continue reading

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Classifying aerial video on the fly


Here’s a pretty cool workflow for classifying video collected from a plane or UAV. What follows is a quick and dirty approach that is designed to give you a first look at what’s on the ground. Step 1 – Capture … Continue reading

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High Level look at virtualizing ArcGIS Pro


Projects deploying ArcGIS Pro in virtualized environments are underway. As the IT industry virtualizes more desktops and applications, ArcGIS Pro will be virtualized and is expected to work well in those environments. For that reason the Performance Engineering team has … Continue reading

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What’s Coming in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in the ArcGIS Online July update


The number “5” is unique and has some special significance …

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Terrain 3D: Now with Global SRTM 30 Meter Content


Elevation is a common foundational layer for your work in 3D; it’s the layer you place your features on, above, or below. ArcGIS comes with a ready-to-use global 3D terrain layer. You can combine your unique GIS layers with this … Continue reading

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Upcoming July 2015 Release of Updated Standard Global Demographic Data

July 2015 Country release list

In early July 2015, we will be updating the Standard Global Demographic data for 45 countries on the ArcGIS platform. In addition to a vintage update, there will be some additional changes made to the databases in the way of … Continue reading

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